Working experiences

  • September 2008–now: CAD-IT Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd Assistant Technical Manager/Application Engineer
    1. Customizing and conducting ANSYS software training, mainly on Fluent, CFX, ICEM CFD, Gambit/TGrid, ANSYS Workbench Simulation, at both introductory and advanced levels;
    2. Providing technical support and consulting services on ANSYS CFD family products (mainly Fluent, CFX, ICEM CFD, ANSYS meshing) for both academic and commercial customers, as well as on FEA family products;
    3. Providing pre-sales support for ANSYS family products in Singapore.


  • October 2005—August 2008: University of Cyprus (Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering; Computational Sciences Laboratory (UCY-CompSci), a Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Center (TOK-DEV) )
    Special Scientist

    1. Study the mass and momentum transfer in membrane separation system for water and wastewater treatment and its impacts on the performance.
    2. Modeling hydrodynamics and water quality in Kouris Dam.


  • January 2002—Septempber 2005: National University of Singapore (Department of Civil Engineering)
    Ph.D. candidate (research scholar) under supervision of Prof. Song Lianfa

    1. Developed a 2-D numerical (Streamline upwind Petrov/Galerkin finite element method, SUPG FEM) model to simulate mass and momentum transfer in typical reverse osmosis (RO) feed channels using high performance parallel computing (OpenMP) algorithms in FORTRAN.
    2. Studied the impact of the spacer filaments on concentration polarization and system performance (permeate flux and pressure loss) in typical RO systems.
    3. Teaching assistant for “Membrane treatment process modeling” (ESE 5406), “Water Science and Technology”(CE 2144), “Infrastructure & the Environment” (CE 2184)


  • 1995—2001: Yunnan Institute of Environmental Science
    Engineer and later Senior Engineer

    1. Water Quality and Hydrodynamic Modeling
      • Co-principal investigator for “Total Amount Control of Major Pollutants in Dianchi Lake”, a key scientific and technological project of the Ninth Five Year Plan (1996–2000) of Yunnan Province. A software package, which includes the modeling of pollution sources, water quality, and allocation of waste loads among different dischargers, was developed in VB and FORTRAN.
      • Co-principal investigator for “Water Quality Modeling for Qilu Lake”. A two-dimensional, sediment-water coupled water quality model for shallow and eutrophic lakes has been developed in FORTRAN.
    2. Environmental Planning
        Participated in Environmental Planning for several lake basins including Qilu Lake Basin, Fuxian Lake basin and Xinyun Lake basin, and for Xinping county and Nanpan River Basin.
    3. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
        Participated in EIA for several key projects, e.g. the project of Diverting Water from Zhangjiu River to Kunming City.



  • 1988-1992: Nanjing Institute of Meteorology (Department of Atmospheric Physics)
    Final Year Project under supervision of Prof. Chen Jinrong

      Developed a statistical model to process the data obtained by GBPP-100 ground raindrop size meter and to evaluate the reliability of the measurements.